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Harvest Lumber Company sells quality lumber harvested from fallen trees in Austin's urban area. We offer various lumber products to contractors, woodworkers, home-owners, and DIYers. 

Our Philosophy

Harvest Lumber Company produces quality lumber with wood waste from Central Texas. After years of seeing countless trees being mulched and plenty of buildings being demolished, we felt a call to save this material. As two professional woodworkers we were excited to develop a wood processing facility that could mill, dry and retail this precious material. As stewards of the environment and longtime Austinites, we felt drawn to make a positive impact in our community. Our transparent operation located in Central Austin demonstrates real recycling at work and offers a variety of products for sale to the public. Harvest Lumber Company provides resources and guidance to both professional and novice woodworkers.  We look forward to helping you begin your next woodworking project.

Kris Burns and Andrew Danziger
Owners, Harvest Lumber Company

Our Process

  1. We collect tree trunks from fallen trees. We have established partnerships with local arborists and the City of Austin Urban Forestry Department.

  2. Transport to our Facility

  3. Cut slab or dimensional lumber with sawmill

  4. Air dry

  5. Kiln dry

  6. Retail to the Public

Our Products for Sale

  • Current species include Pecan, Oak, Sycamore, Cottonwood. Loblolly Pine, American Elm, Cedar Elm, Black Walnut

  • Live edge slabs/coffee table sized slabs - widths ranging from 12"- 30"

  • Rough, live edge lumber - 6/4(1-1/2") , 8/4(2") , 10/4(2.5")

  • Pre-planed shelving

  • Woodworking supplies- wood finishes, glue, sandpaper, Japanese saws.