Harvest Lumber Co. takes felled trees in the Austin area and turns them into interior grade lumber, keeping the tree from going to waste.  Do you have a tree that needs to come down or be removed from your property, and you think we might be interested in using it?  Harvest Lumber Co. will take most species of trees 18 inches or larger in diameter, as long as there is not significant damage or rot to the trunk.  We are interested in the trunk, from the ground to where the canopy begins.  Harvest Lumber Co. does not cut trees down.  We work with arborists and tree companies who will do the cutting and removal of the canopy, and we will pick up the trunk when they are done.  Please fill out the form below if you think you have a tree fitting our criteria.  Thanks for considering us and not letting beautiful wood go to waste!

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Location of the log
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Do you simply want the log removed? When did it get cut down? Would you like to keep some of the wood yourself?